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What They Said


"... extremely solid songwriting ..."
- Steveo C. - HollywoodDeath Squad

"... you must be repped out of 
Austin, not Nashville, right? ..."
- Jackson W. - Blues Meister Music
"... just friggin' great! ..."
- Steffie D. - Virgo Hymnary
"... I dunno', like early Van or Springsteen? 
Maybe Train? - but edgier ..."
- Darrell M. - Known To The Police 


 … I had the opportunity to work with Alan on three of my film projects thus far. On one, he designed a soundscape to fuse with a music track. I found his attention to detail, passion for the art, and creative input invaluable.  He was a music consultant on my next film "Baba's House" and was able to bridge the gap between the composer and director and find a language that worked for both of us. 

For my feature film "The Disappeared", I chose Alan's song "HERE and NOW" to accompany the end credits.  I find his songwriting has a strong, narrative heart and an honesty in the lyrics. He is a storyteller and I hope to use some of his original works for future soundtracks. 

Alan has the great ability to listen in a collaborative process and honor the vision of the co-creator, and yet push the work to shine. 

-- Shandi Mitchell, writer and filmmaker

 … Al has been a mentor to me for 20 years, long before my songwriting ability justified the time and energy he put into my recordings! He helped teach me how to write songs, how to arrange them, how to sing them. 

I recorded two of his tunes for my first CD and they remain a couple of my favourites to this day. In addition to all that, he is a hell of a lot of fun to work with! 

-- Sean Kirby, songwriter

 … I am enjoying co-writing songs with Alan, he has a knack for writing lyrics that keep a song real ... the best thing about working with Alan is that he is interested in sharing his expertise in writing lyrics and melodies, and using his experience in audio-engineering to arrange a demo until it is just right! 

-- Joanna Butler, songwriter




 Unisong Song Contest......................HERE AND NOW
"... What a beautiful melody, especially when combined with the chords.  We were moved by the way the title was sung differently in different places throughout the song, and especially at the end where "Here and now" appears several times in a row with different chords underneath each time. That's good music writing." 

"... Lyrically, the words used in this song could mean a number of different things, according to how one interprets them.  Some songs that do this become very popular, with each listener "filling in the blanks" on what certain sections mean, using their own life as a backdrop.   

None of these words "bump" us (make us puzzled) or seem out of place.  It all fits together very well, especially as sung. 

As it is, it could also be an anthem - it lends itself to that, if arranged a little louder and sung more emphatically in parts. We especially like "let's face, the rising sun and send our fears away" - it says a lot in just those lines. 
Another sweet song from you!" ...

 We Are Listening..............................................FIND HOME
"... I think that this song is very strong! The chorus is wonderfully contrasting from the verses and you've set up the hook so greatly with a rhyme at the end of the chorus, AND you repeat the title. Great job! ..." 

(Lyric, melody and harmony) "... are working together wonderfully. My favorite element is the contrast between the verses and the chorus. I love how the harmony goes from the one chord at the end of the verse to the 6 minor chord at the beginning of the chorus. Wonderful! 

I also really love how the melody jumps up in the chorus to a higher register and to notes that we haven't heard yet in the verses. It makes it fresh, it makes it exciting, and creates great contrast. Also great moment when you jump up to "Going off alone". Beautiful descending line there, too. I'm also a sucker for the "woh-oh" part. 

Moments like that make the song very memorable and singable. Overall, you did a great job, Alan. Beautiful song! ..."

 We Are Listening ...................BABY DON'T GO THERE
"... I think that the lyrics are the strongest element here. ... you have thrown in some good visuals ... . I especially like, "The Rockies turned to prairie - black & gold & open / I thought of everything I shouldn't say". Great line leading into the chorus! 

... I also really like, "Her head is bowed towards her shoes". Some really great images in there! 

"... I think that the melody on the hook, ("Baby Don't Go There / Baby Don't Go There/ Baby Don't Go Where Your Heart Could Break") is memorable and catchy and great! ... " 

 Unisong Song Contest..................(TELL ME TO) STAY
"... This is a solid pop melody with some built-in dynamics.  It is especially satisfying during the chorus ending and those long notes are held over changing chords.  Very emotive. 

We liked the quietness at the very end as well.  Nicely accomplished." 

"... A concise, but full lyric, using images that we can all picture in our minds when we hear the song. This takes place both in the mountains, but tells us that they've been to a beach, so we assume that they know each other well enough to go to the next step. We like the line of "falling or fleeing" - sort of like the "fight or flight" syndrome. 

The choruses are assembled nicely telling us most of what we need to know about the feelings between these two.  Good job on these lyrics." 

"... This is a classic verse/chorus with a unique tacit section leading into the last verse that works very well, especially as rendered on this recording, in almost a whisper, then going into the full voice wail!   Do not change anything about this structure - it's perfect."

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