1. Here and Now

From the recording After New York

- an intimate reflection on promise, weakness, strength, and faith.
© 2007, 2012 Alan P. MacLeod (SOCAN#: 39771580) Time = 3:29 @ 80 bpm; 4/4; Key of G#
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Here and now While we are tired Here and now With all our might Here and now We vow to one and all we shall not forget tonight. We shall not forget tonight.
Here and now As we are leaving Here and now We’re not alone Here and now As stars are fading fast We will find our way home We will find our way back home 
Sometimes I don’t believe in nuthin' 
Alone and far away from grace 
Then I see wind moving over water Or I Feel rain on my face ... So here and now Let’s say forever Here and now Let us not stray Here and now let’s face, the rising sun and send our fears away We shall send our fears away We shall send our fears away Here and now.