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Alan P. MacLeod 
- Music CV -

Selected Credits



Songwriter, Reluctant Self-Promoter, Failed Recluse 2018-Present

Working on films to support my music habit. Moved to Toronto from Halifax.  Became done with the Mrs. Released an EP of original Christmas songs.






Songwriter, Reluctant Self-Promoter 2012-2017

Recording & releasing singles via CDBaby & YouTube. Embraced the web, updating; creating alanmacleodmusic on You Tube ( and updating my Film+TV Worker Bee CV via IMDB  (


 Photo of the cover of a single releasePhoto of the cover of a single releasePhoto of cover of Single Release





Songwriter, Performer 2012 

End Credit song for "The Disappeared" 
a feature film by Shandi Mitchell 
(also co-wrote, produced and performed a "Directors' Teaser/Sample" score for 
"The Disappeared - Teaser" with William Crowdis.) 
Cover of CD
Songwriter, Co-writer, Musician 
2010 - 2012, Halifax, Nova Scotia 
Writing and recording AFTER NEW YORK 
@ "The Bat Cave" w/ William Crowdis 

Songwriter, Musician 2006-2009
Wrote, Recorded and Produced "CAPO" 
a series of four, 6 to 8 song EP's 
in four (Country, Alt, Blues, Pop) musical styles


2006 CCMA’s, Saint John, New Brunswick 
1 hr. Solo concerts for: 
Cruisin’ With Country (Boys and Girls Club Fundraiser)
Uptown Saint John Street Party (at The Infusion Tea Room) 

2006 ECMA’s, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 
supporting Lisa Genge (at the 72 Hr. Jam) 

2006 Co-writing 
with Joanna Butler, Lisa Genge, Chris Goodwin and Adam Langley 

2006 Co-Coordinator, Songwriters Association of Canada
Halifax Regional Writers Group 

2005 Master Songwriters Workshop 
Photo of CD covers
Presented by the East Coast Music Awards in Sydney, CB
Led by Ron Hynes and Bruce Guthro 

2004 Master Songwriters Workshop 
Presented by MIANS for NS Music Week/RendezVous Folk! 
Led by John Capek and Pat Pattison 

2004 Film Composition Master Class 
Presented by the Atlantic Film Festival 
Led by John McCarthy 

2003 Music Composer Master Class 
Presented by the Atlantic Film Festival 
Led by Christopher Young 

PRE 2003 

"Baba's House" 
Short Film (22 min.) by Flashfire Productions, 2002, 
NS Score Consultant 
(Directors' Consultant and Liaison throughout the Score Creation, Sound FX Creation and Final Mix stages of this film project that won five awards at festivals in Canada and the USA.) 

14 song CD release by Sean Kirby, 1999, NS 
Co-Producer (project) and Composer (two songs) 

Sean Kirby sings Alan tunes

"Hide the Knives and Find the Hankies" 
12 song cassette demo, 1998, NS 
Composer, Singer and Musician

"Bea's First Film" 
Short film by Bronwin Kiffin, 1998, NS 
Composer, Musician and Engineer 

"Patterns For Change" 
Industrial video by Liz MacDougall, 1994, NS 
Composer, Musician and Engineer 

Short film by Mark Simkins, 1993, NS 
Composer, Musician and Engineer 

"Gasoline Puddles" 
Short film by Shandi Mitchell & Donna Davies, 1992, NS
Sound FX Designer and Engineer 
photo of the 1st. release of music
"No Harbour For War" 
Documentary film by Charles Lapp, 1991, NS 
Music Mix Engineer 

"Broken Promises" 
5 song cassette by Infra Dig, 1991, NS 
Co. Producer and Engineer / Mixer 

"A Change In Mentality" 
10 song cassette by Tetrus, 1990, NS 
Co-Producer and Engineer / Mixer 

"Loving Yourself" 
90 min. video by Cumberland County Family Planning, 1989, NS 
ADR Engineer and ADR Director 

"Guys At The Library" 
8 song cassette by Alan Wilkie, Chip Sutherland, 1989, NS 

20 min. Dance Piece for Mary Ellen MacLean, 1989, NS 
Composer, Engineer and Music Producer 

"A Technical Future" 
15 min. Industrial Video for NS Comnunity College, 1989, NS 
Composer, Engineer and Music Producer 

"Lilac Rain" 
10 song cassette by Rose Vaughan, 1989, NS 

"Fanshawe College" 
Recording Arts and Sciences, 1984, ONT 
Poor Student - Recording Studio Engineering 

“Malcontent Teen” 
Started hanging out w/ bands, writing songs, 1977, NB 





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