From the recordings Going Going Gone (Plugged) and After New York

- a song for those who have ever felt broken inside.
© 2012 A. MacLeod, W.Crowdis (SOCAN#: 74510552) Time = 3:24 @ 100 bpm; 6/8;
Wonderful vocal by William Crowdis.
(There's a BLOG entry coming for this song!)


I've been hunting for free but I've never felt free until now. 
I run through the trees and the leaves 'till I throw myself down. 
I am laughing until I am crying. 
Then came something far worse than dying.

I was going, going. Gone. 
Broken again all broken again
I am going, going. Gone. 

But you dear you're special 
you've never felt broken inside. 
Your world is a stage 
where the lights never fade or turn off. 

It must be amazing 
to know you'll be all right 
sure that you'll never 
never know what it feels like 
to be going, going. Gone.
Broken again all broken again. 
You're going, going. Gone. 

Time changes everything. 
Water wears away stone. 
You can count on one small thing: 
you're not really alone
... even when you feel you're
going, going. Gone. 
Going, going. Gone. 
When you're going, going. Gone. 
Broken again, all broken again inside. 
Going, going. Gone.