1. Old Friends

From the recording Old Friends


Before social media, we kept in touch with old friends via telephone calls on a “land line”.  I have one friend in particular who, for about 20+ years, always rings me on Christmas Day.  Perhaps this song is a documentary?  The nice sounding voice you hear is Ashleigh's.
To show you what a nut I am, this version is the 18th. substantial revision of this song.  When it first arrived in 2002, it was called Christmas Phone Call.  I'd keep the one section of chording or melody or the line or two I liked & literally trash everything else.  Then, use those parts to start again, make them into a whole song, put it aside, let it fester for a few years & repeat the process.
Recording a song is a similarly annoying process for me.  Now, I figure the recording of a song is done when there's only 5 or 6 things I desperately feel should be changed - ha ha.


OLD FRIENDS     © 2018 Alan P. MacLeod     3:05 @ 170 bpm  3/4
Old friends. Old friends.
We are old friends
And we talk every Christmas
We will chat about the year
share some laughs and our fears
we’ll remember easier days.
When toboggan hills were steep
before laugh-lines got deep
we are lucky to be here
more ache’s and pains each year.
I feel the strength of your smile
cross these thousands of miles
I feel the Spirit, riding this wire.
No matter how I am
I find my soul again
in the warmth of the old songs
in the Faith of those gone.

Like every one
I hope war ends
that no one goes hungry
I hope the earth finds a friend!
Hope you stay as happy
as ya’ sound tonight
Yeah we should.
All right.
Old friends. Old friends.
We are old friends
We are just old friends talkin'