From the recording Let Christmas Find You


I had never been more miserable.

It was my 1st Christmas on my own after Mom ("The Christmas Keener") died.  The Wife (& our dog) was shacked up with a slimy Coward & I had moved to Toronto alone for work but wasn't getting much work.  I went to the Horseshoe Tavern where a small, excellent band was playing dixieland (my dead Dad’s fave music) & dixilandish/folk/blues.  Started writing this tune on the streetcar ride home to my new wee apartment filled with boxes that should have been unpacked months before.
"Singing the Pouges, and candle light ..." refers to some Halifax friends (Sue & Pete, Steff & Kev) who host acoustic / sing-along jam parties that are absolutely fantastic events.  Pete helped solve a bass line issue on this tune! The nice sounding voice you hear is Ashleigh's.




LET CHRISTMAS FIND YOU     © 2018 Alan MacLeod     3:24 @ 118 bpm, 4/4

I learned from my Momma and New Orleans
Not all things are as they seems
& ya’ don’t need more stuff 
or idyllic scenes   
To let Christmas, find you
In a crowd or all alone
in the county lockup or an actual home
when a choir is singing
turn off your phone!
Let Christmas, find you
Woh, Ho, holy night 
singing the Pogues in candle light
Woh, Ho, holy night 
it won’t kill ya’ to smile
for a little while
Let Christmas, find
you you you you you you you
Let Christmas, find, you
It’s ok, if you’re tough and strong
sayin’ “it starts too early
and goes on too long”
but it won’t blow your cover if you’re humming along
Let Christmas, find you 
Yeah, it’s been a while
since you let yourself smile
so stow your sorrow
for tonight and tomorrow