1. Far from You

From the recording Far from You

Everyone who travels a lot or has a job that sucks up far too much of their time or works shifts or works far from home knows what it’s like to not be with those you love when you desperately want to be with them. 
In this song, it worked out OK.  Hopefully, you too can connect with the ones you love & that connection will fill your heart.  Keep trying.


FAR FROM YOU     © 2018 Alan P. MacLeod     3:34 @ 98 bpm, 6./8
I’ve been strong since you’ve gone
(As if I had a choice dear)
Alone near the phone
But I need you right here 'cuz
Christmas is commin’, and you’re not around!
All I want is you home safe, and sound
Far from you.  So far from you
The snow piles high and the winds howl through
Far from you.  So far from you
Tonight I feel, so far away from you
You say, “hey we’re doing fine
leave on the hall light
and sleep now
sleep through the cold night 
and we’ll both dream, like lovers do
as frost paints the windows, I’ll dream with you”
These long hours will pass
These hard times will not last 
There will be days and weeks and then years
when I’m not far from you
Far from you.  Not far from you
Let the snow pile high.  Let the winds blow too 
Far from you.  Not far from you
Now I don’t feel, so far away from you