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Five, original, acoustic guitar-based, "saccharine-reduced" Christmas songs

to convince the wary and uplift the weary.


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Let Christmas Find You

I was completely miserable!  (& wrote this on the 501 Streetcar.)

(Learn more on the SONGS page.)



Old Friends

Perhaps this song is a documentary?

(Learn more on the SONGS page.)



One Little Light

I don't have Mom's & Dad's faith, but ...

(Learn more on the SONGS page.)



It’s Christmas Time

This tune may be too sad for human consumption.

(Learn more on the SONGS page.)



Far From You  

When & how do you feel connected with the ones you love?

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(Note:  There are about 28 other holidays observed

by 7 major religions during the “Christmas season”,

I'm hoping they all have songs too!)



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Very Special Thanks

to Jo Novak for capturing an amazing image that I fell completely in love with the moment I saw it.  She owns the front cover of the EP photo & has kindly allowed me to use it for this EP.  Please follow her on Instagram:



to John “Beyond Patience & Professionalism” Hencher for transforming the two pics into a real, wonderful, Front & Back cover for the EP.


to William Crowdis  who kindly lent me his ear on the mixes.  


& to Ashleigh Erasmus generously contributed her lovely voice (under extremely adverse conditions!) on three songs.  Follow her on SoundCloud:


These songs were all recorded, mixed & mastered in my wee apartment on Woodbine Ave., or my wee car @ Humber Bay Park West, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, during November & December of 2018.



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